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EqualLogic is enterprise class storage for the mid-market that has been developed to help customers accomplish your data center needs. Their arrays are an iSCSI (IP) SAN that utilizes your existing network infrastructure and employee expertise to provide you with the following solutions:

  1. Automation - Ability to deploy, self tune and easily manage storage
  2. Backup - Centralized backup and restore
  3. Consolidation - Easier to manage and restore than direct attached
  4. Disaster Recovery - Help to shrink restore time and provide business continuity
  5. Exchange/SQL - Help to protect your mission critical application uptime

Also, unlike the competition all of EqualLogic’s functionality is included in their firmware and thus eliminates the need to purchase additional software modules. Some of these features include:

  • Snapshots
  • Replication
  • Cloning
  • Thin provisioning
  • Virtualization
  • Auto-load balancing